When you attend one of the Paradigm-Shift events, you may be eligible for the following points:

ARCHITECTS and architectural designers

Available points:

  • 20 NZRAB Points
  • 2.5 ADNZ Points

How to claim:

If you are a member of the New Zealand Registered Architects Board (NZRAB), your registration details will be submitted on your behalf. Please allow up to 10 working days following each event for processing.

If you are a member of Architectural Designers New Zealand (ADNZ) please claim your points via this link: http://www.adnz.org.nz/events/feature/164



Potential points:

  • 3 development points
  • On-the-job learning

Paradigm-Shift gives you the opportunity to fulfil your compulsory and elective activities requirement.

On-the-Job Learning (Compulsory Activity component of your LBP)

Paradigm-Shift gives you the opportunity to participate in learnings that will fulfil your On-the-Job learning requirement. You will need to complete a Record of Learning form to claim your On-the-Job learning.

You need to claim your LBP Skills Maintenance points against your license by keeping a record of your learning activities. The recommended guide from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is that 1 hour = 1 LBP point. Paradigm-Shift is a 3-hour event, therefore, you are eligible for up to 3 LBP points.

You can keep a record of your learning activities in one of two ways:

Self-directed Learning

This is for professional categories not shown above as the elective activity component of your License. Please speak to your respective Association for clarity over the developments points allocation for advice to meet the specific requirements of your relevant association. The above is given as a general guide only.

Terms and Conditions:

You may be asked to provide evidence of your learning activities. Your evidence of learning activities from attending Paradigm-Shift are one or more of the following:

Your ‘Thank you for attending” email from Paradigm-Shift.